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Best brushes

Best for.... Detangling


Tangle Teezer


These brushes are perfect for getting rid of tangles without tugging at the hair and breaking it

Which brush is best for your style and hair type?


All of the brushes below are available at Christopher Boyton salons.


Come in and one of our stylists can advise you which is the best brush for your style.


Best for.... Drying long, thick hair


Paddle Brush


These brushes are great for long hair. They are large and flat so can deal with more hair at a time. They are great for a quick way to rough dry your hair before styling with a round brush or rollers.


Best for.... Smoothing out frizz on long hair


Large Round or Square brush


Make sure your brush has a large diameter. This type of brush grips your hair so that you can pull slightly and smooth out those unwanted kinks and curls. Smaller diameter brushes, like the ones below, can be used in the same way for shorter lengths of hair.

B-large-square B-General-Brushing B-Dressing-Brush B-Vent B-square-set Airstyler Airstyler2

An Alternative Best for.... Creating volume and curl on short to medium length hair


The Airstyler


This tool combines the styling brush with a hair dryer so that with one hand free you can mold your hair around the brush and create lift at the roots and curl on the ends. Like all dryers it runs on electric and has two brush sizes for different strengths of curl. Best used on damp hair but can also be used to tame unruly hair for a quick fix in the morning. Pop in for a demonstration.

Best for.... Creating volume


Medium to Small Round or Square brush


Depending on the length of your hair. Ideal for creating volume at the roots.

Best for.... Creating volume and curl on longer lengths of hair


The Larger barrel Airstyler


Again powered by electric and like the Airstyler above best used on damp hair. This model creates larger curls.

Best for.... Smooth styling


Denman Styling Brush


These brushes are available in different sizes and should be chosen depending on the length of your hair. They don't produce much volume but are an excellent smoothing tool for a sleek and glossy finish.


Best for.... Wavy, curly hair.


Vent Brush


These brushes are very light and make it easier to flick and curl hair. They are also great for combing and dressing hair after it has been dried with another brush.

Best for.... General brushing


Cushion Brush


Good for general brushing. Add a small amount of oil onto the bristles and brush it into your hair. After setting on rollers, if you want the roller sections to smooth together, brush firmly towards the nape of your neck before styling.

Best for.... Backcombing and Smoothing over


Dressing Brush


The pointy end of the brush is great for sectioning your hair when styling up-dos. The narrow head makes backcombing easy for beehives etc. Add some hairspray to the bristles to smooth over.

Before you begin your blow style always towel dry your hair as much as possible.


Stylists always apply Styling Mouse or Styling Lotion to hair before they begin the drying process. They do it because they know that this makes the hair more manageable and easier to style.


Take a tip from them and always apply Styling Mousse or Styling Lotion before drying.