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Hair Extensions. Cindy Boyton is a Master Stylist and also the salons Hair Extension Specialist with many years of experience under her belt. 


In 1994 she was probably the first extensionist in Merseyside to offer "Great Lengths" real hair extensions which are bonded to the hair shaft, not glued.


In the hair extensions industry many claims are made regarding the origin of hair. These claims tend to be used to make extensions more marketable or to create a higher perceived value; they are often made in relation to the use of European or Oriental hair. Great Lengths make no ambiguous statements regarding the origin of our hair. The hair they use must fulfil a certain criteria, and have specific properties to ensure its excellent quality. For this reason, Great Lengths are the only company that obtains hair from its own sources.


All Great Lengths hair must:


be of a compatible structure and density as European hair be sourced in its natural 'raw' state be of superior quality with the cuticle layer completely intact. The cuticle layer seals in moisture, protecting hair form the elements and environmental damage. The absence of the cutice layer dries hair rapidly and makes it susceptible to breakage. As a result, hair will look brittle lifeless and dull. That's why Great lengths hair always looks radiant and full of health, and is matt and tangle free.


be 100% remis & double-drawn


Great Lengths hair is 100% remis. This means our hair strands are all facing in the direction of natural hair growth. If hair were sourced with strands facing in opposite directions, they would interlock and cause matting; the same effect as backcombing! Our hair is also double-drawn, which means it's the same thickness from root to tip.


Great Lengths only acquire hair in its natural, untreated condition prior to processing for extensions. This means there is no trace of colour or recent chemically based treatments present in the hair we use; the presence of which would make it unsuitable fro our extensions. Procuring 'raw' hair means it is more tolerable to our gentle Osmosis process of colour removal and addition and pre-bonding ready for application.


An oval cross section of hair from European women is typically 0.06-0.09mm in diameter. Great Lengths source hair that is of compatible density and character to give thenatural appearance and feel of the client's own hair.

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