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Introducing GL Tapes


Say hello to GL Tapes. Just launched, we can’t wait to introduce you to  our newest innovation. Designed for the time conscious, and for women who’d love to try a less permanent form of hair extensions, we promise that you’re going to love our GL Tapes.


GL Tapes: 100% Natural, 100% You

Expanding our application methods, GL Tapes feature a medical-grade, hypoallergenic, non-toxic tape. Virtually undetectable and 100% comfortable GL Tapes are made from only the purest of Indian temple hair – that’s ethically sourced and then gently hand-processed in our head office in Rome – GL Tapes blend seamlessly with natural hair.


The tapes are placed above and below the hair, creating a sandwich with your hair in the middle. Available in over 58 beautiful shades, including base shades, fashion colours and rooted strands – there really is something for everybody.


Whether you’re looking to add more volume, length or a bit of both, GL Tapes are lightweight and suitable for all hair densities. Ready for the best part? A full head application can be completed in as little as one hour, meaning a lunch break transformation is completely on the cards and achievable with GL Tapes.


Due to the faster application time GL Tapes can work out significantly cheaper that the same amount of regular extensions.


Another plus is that they can be taken out and re-applied a number of times, allowing you to extend their value.


Easy removal and reapplication

GL Tapes can be last up to 6 to 8 weeks. Following this, they are gently removed by a professional ensuring no damage to your natural hair, and what’s more, GL Tapes can be re-taped up to three times. Perfect if you need to colour, relax or perm your hair often, as this can be done between re-application of the tapes.


Donate your GL Tapes to The Little Princess Trust

Just like our pre-bonded extensions, GL Tapes can also be donated to The Little Princess Trust. Donations can be made via your Great Lengths certified extensionist, and the hair will be used to create specially tailored wigs for children suffering with hair loss.


Can’t wait to try GL Tapes?

Simply get in touch with us now to ask for a free consultation. Cost is dependent on the length, colour and the number of GL Tapes required, as well as time taken for application.


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