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A new Colour or Hi Lights can lift your face and provide you with an instantly younger and more stylish image. You can look and feel like a million dollars and you don't need to be a celebrity or appear on TV to do so!    

Why not brighten up yours and everyone else's day...

 5 good reasons for you to colour your hair...


      1    Intensify your natural hair colour

      2    Maintain a youthful appearance

      3    Coverage of white or grey hair

      4    Reinvent your personal image

      5     Add texture and volume


"Why should I pay to have my hair colur applied in a salon when I can buy one off the shelf for a fraction of the price?"



It is a common misconception that all hair colours provide the same result, whether from a box in the supermarket or applied by a stylist in a salon. Unfortunately this is not the case and as hair colour specialists we can offer valuable advice on colour choice and methods of application.


    A professional hair colour ...


Can be tailor made to complement your individual

skin tone from thousands of colour options


Can be applied to specific areas of the head, enabling the use of more than one colour


Adds texture and volume to your hair when multiple colours are used


Adds more shine than any specialist shampoo or conditioner ever will


Can be refreshed at the roots without damaging the rest of the hair that has already been coloured


Lasts up to 22 washes.