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" We have been recommending Nioxin to clients for a number of years. I would estimate that over 90% of them have been pleased with the results. Pop in to a salon and we can explain it to you. I don't know anyone who has asked for a refund." Christopher




Nioxin for Thicker - Fuller Hair

Could Nioxin help you?

over 70% of users agree NIOXIN provides thicker fuller-looking hair *

Ask your stylist for details




* Independent market research conducted in 2009 among consumers concerned about thinning hair in the USA.


If the answer is 'YES' to five or more of the questions below, Noixin could be your solution for thicker, fuller looking hair!

Have you noticed your hair becoming increasingly brittle and thinner?

Are you constantly experimenting with your hair, colouring and straightening it?

Are you living in an urban area and exposed to polution?

Do you regularly go swimming?

Have you recently experienced life changing events such as pregnancy, childbirth or menopause?

Do you worry that your hair will become damaged in the future?

Are you normally stressed, running from one thing to another?

Do you want your hair to be thicker, stronger and more voluminous?

Is your hair frequently exposed to direct sunlight?

Are you on a low calorie diet?

Are you on medication which seems to be affecting your hair?*

Have you noticed your scalp feeling dry or itchy?

Do you suffer from acne?

*Certain medications can contribute to excessive hair thinning, you should consult your dioctor for more informatioin.

Nioxin works to reduce hair breakage, makes hair less fine and improve the scalp environment to give you thicker, fuller-looking hair.

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