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Summer Hair Care

Invest in a high quality shampoo and conditioner, something in the intensive range would be best. Take it with you to the pool and use daily on holiday. If you are going to swim, buy a shampoo that removes chlorine and salt from your hair.


If you are not swimming leave some conditioner in your hair while you are sunbathing.


When you have finished sunbathing and washed your hair leave an intensive masque on your hair for extra conditioning.


Split ends are easily sorted by using a serum or styling oil. This is the fastest way to smooth split ends and add shine to your hair.


When using straighteners on holiday don't have them on a high heat and use sparingly. Don't forget to apply a pre-straightening lotion to protect your hair.


Good quality Blow-dry Sprays and Mousses, such as WELLA System Professional, protect your hair from the heat of the dryer. Always use one to keep your hair in great condition.




Q - Whenever I go on holiday I always get a red and sunburnt scalp

Especially along my parting. Is there anything I can do apart from wearing a hat?


"Whether you are a guy with thinning hair or a girl with a parting the problem is the much the same.  Like the skin on the rest of your body your scalp will burn if exposed to too much sun. It is really important that you protect yourself from sunburn. Not only does sunburn look red, blotchy and feel sore, skin which is over exposed, can cause health problems later in life, and should be avoided at all costs. The health problems can be too nasty and numerous to list here, so just believe me or ask your Doctor and don't do it..!

Applying conventional sun lotion to your scalp will give protection but will make you look as if you haven't washed your hair for a month.


Fortunately for you, and, for guys like me who are going a bit thin at the front, the clever people at Wella have come up with a solution. They have an amazing product range for hair in the sun, FIBRA SOLAR, five separate products including shampoo and conditioner and products for styling and protection, all great for looking after your hair and scalp on holiday. Now, due to modern technology and Wella, you don't have to come back from holiday with a red scalp and haystack hair.


SP Sunshine Safeguard Lotion SP18 has an SPF 18 to protect the scalp. It has a non oily formulation and can be used on hair, scalp and body. An added bonus is that it contains conditioning ingredients to moisturise you hair at the same time. It's a must have addition to your holidays in the sun. Check out all of the System Professional Products at your local Wella salon.


A word of caution. Build up your exposure to the sun gradually. Stay in the shade during the hottest times of the day. Have a great holiday and be happy."

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